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The Sian's Attic website was designed and programmed by Herefordshire-based web design and programmer Maweb. Read on for more details of the site and work done. Feel free to get in touch to discuss a new or updated website.

about the Sian's Attic website

Sian's Attic

A full e-commerce online second hand bookshop powered by Bookseller Link
Screenshot of Sian's Attic [click to enlarge]
Screenshot of Sian's Attic website
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Sian's Attic is a small, Herefordshire-based second-hand bookseller. The owner of the business approached Maweb to develop an easy to use website to make online sales of second-hand books a relatively easy and inexpensive affair. Sian's Attic was already selling books through Ebay and had looked at registering with other second-hand book websites, but was deterred by the high commission costs.

BooksellerLink was developed and launched to power e-commerce on-line book shops. Sian's Attic is the first second-hand book business to buy in to the BooksellerLink system.

Work Done: Full site design and CSS layout with graphic design and image development. Site runs under the Maweb BooksellerLink web-based system.

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